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Spa and Mud

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Thermal water
The Euganean Thermal Basin has salt-bromine-iodine water at a temperature of 86-88 °C. Thanks to the presence of these minerals the waters are used for inhaling therapies, thermal bath treatments, in hot pools, and most of all to age and preserve thermal mud, with good results in treating a range of disorders.

Thermal bath treatments
Treatment consists of: mud, ozonised thermal baths, special and rehabilitation massages, whirlpool tub, hydro-massage, inhalation, aerosol therapy and physio-kinetic therapy. Therapeutic rehabilitation treatment in pool waters is very important, and is indicated for broken bones, bruising, sprains and dislocated joints. The properties of salt-bromine-iodine water also give excellent results in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis when combined with exercise.
Given its special composition, thermal water has a useful depurating effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs (pharynx, larynx, bronchial tube). A course of spa water treatment is enough to produce a strong mucolytic and decongestant effect.


The mud of the Hotel Terme Bellavista is part of the O.T.P.: (Padua University’s Permanent Thermal Observation Programme) that monitors quality control and the ageing process of the thermal mud. Its chemical and physical-chemical structure is that of "MATURE MUD", which guarantees therapeutic effectiveness and makes it ideal  as an anti-inflammatory, painkiller and muscle relaxant. After being applied and left for around 15 minutes, the mud is washed off with a spa water shower. Those being treated should then be submerged for 8/10 minutes in a pool for a THERMAL BATH at a temperature of around 36°/38°C, which – after the mud covering – is essential for the muscle relaxant properties of the thermal waters (adding OZONE produces further vasodilatory effects and stimulates the circulation). After the sweat reaction a restorative massage is advised, which stimulates muscular and nerve activity.


The most commonly treated disorders are:
Course of treatment

During every day of your week of mud therapy, a complete series of health treatments await you, including 6 thermal mud applications and 6 thermal baths.

1. Application of thermal mud
Made of clay from the thermal lakes of Arquà Petrarca and Lispida, the mud is gently applied to your skin at a 39° to 42° C temperature and left for 30 minutes.

2. Thermal Bath
A hot shower cleans the mud off, just before you plunge into a pleasant thermal bath. Sweat reaction.

3. After the bath, and after being dried with warm towels, you go to your room for 30-60 minutes of sweat reaction, relaxed and well covered.

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